Peter Wilson Consultant Solicitor

Contact Details

The Shard,
32 London Bridge Street,
London SE1 9SGT

T: +44 (0)20 7186 0420
E: peterwilson@fulcrumchambers.com

Areas of Practice

Tax enquiries, tax tribunal appeals, criminal investigations by HMRC; money laundering, fraud and corruption investigations; gangmaster, and modern slavery investigations; food processing and animal welfare regulation and crime; environmental investigations; international gambling regulation, remote and non-remote; cyber-crime and technology dispute resolution.

Summary of Experience

Peter is a solicitor who represents corporates or individuals in criminal and civil regulatory matters. Over the last 30 years, he has dealt with a number of different government agencies both nationally and internationally. Peter specialises in certain areas of law and business sectors including those below.

In tax, he has assisted clients in resolving civil enquiries and defending criminal prosecutions. He is familiar with COP 9, Tax Tribunal litigation and has negotiated many settlements with HMRC covering most taxes, including income, corporation, inheritance, value added tax and customs & excise duties. In recent years Peter has been handling substantial litigation over temporary workers travel schemes and National Minimum Wage investigations.
Peter has been providing advice to the gambling sector since 1990 and has acted for manufacturers, remote and non-remote operators, premises owners, banks, regulators, trade associations, software providers, affiliates and professional gamblers, both in the UK and internationally. He has represented businesses in licence reviews, civil litigation and as a defence lawyer in gambling, fraud, bribery, tax and money laundering prosecutions. A long standing member of the International Masters of Gambling Law and the Gambling Commission’s Lawyers Forum, Peter has spoken about gambling law regulation at many conferences around the world.

Peter’s work in the food sector focuses on the meat industry and spans the food chain from animal welfare issues, through hygiene regulation and processing issues, to compliance in retail stores and the management of waste processing. He has a lot of experience in dealing with the Food Standards Agency, Local Environmental Health Teams, the Environment Agency, major utility companies and Trading Standards.
Technology work has including disputes over software development and supply contracts, incidents of hacking and data theft, cyber fraud, denial of service attacks and extortion.