Russ Corn Head of Counter-party Risk

Contact Details

The Shard,
32 London Bridge Street,
London SE1 9SGT

T: +44 (0)20 7186 0420
E: russcorn@fulcrumchambers.com

Areas of Practice

Due Diligence & Counterparty Risk; Global Investigations; Market entry risk; Political risk; Reputational risk; Anti-Money Laundering.

Summary of Experience

Russ specialises in delivering intelligence driven assessments of counter-party risk to clients concerned about their reputation and the risks of association with a potential partner or acquisition. He is an expert in delivering Integrity or Enhanced Due Diligence services, pioneered by the multi-national development banks and adopted more broadly by the private sector as a means of addressing and embracing both regulatory and reputational risk requirements. Market entry reports are commissioned as a more bespoke means of assessing corruption, political and other risks pertaining to a particular sector or country than might be available through the macro assessments offered by the TI corruption perceptions index and associated material.

Russ has a broad range of experience and expertise that can be brought to bear in addressing a broad range of commercial risks as well as the ability to advise and resolve issues in a commercial manner.